New life, new style


Today I want to share with you some new lessons that I learnt thanks to some recent changes in my life.

In February I left my beloved and peaceful French Riviera, where I had a cozy home with all my girly stuff (from makeup, to cosmetics, to shoes, to clothes, to pictures frames all around and to bags- loads of them), and moved to London.

Briefly, I got a job there, and that was the only rational part; all the rest has been messy, chaotic, scary and fun. First, the decision was taken pretty fast, my boyfriend and I had 6 days from the moment I decided to take the job, to the day we took the plane. Yes, I also moved in with my boyfriend, or my lovely flatmate, or the other half of the apple, he has been brave enough to follow me and start this new life.  

Now that I introduced you to my world, let’s talk was about the serious stuff: HOW TO CHANGE COUNTRY, LIFE, HOUSE, JOB, LIFESTYLE, WHEN YOU HAVE ONLY ONE ONE LUGGAGE AT YOUR DISPOSAL?! Nightmare? Not really. Opportunity? Totally.

So, 7 principles that I followed:

  1. General principle: choose few dominant colours from your wardrobe: beige, blue, black/ red, blue, white / blue, cream, brown…it doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s up to you and your taste, but be consistent. In this way you can mix and match clothes, accessories, coats, shoes.
  2. Take with you  new stuff. Yes, some new clothes. First to feel “fresh”, to feel ready and always in order. And for that I mean two jeans from Zara, two blazers from Pull&Bear and a new sexy pyjama, nothing complicated or not affordable
  3. Accessories: take with you the best you have. The most chic and the smartest. Not many cheap things that look nice but you would wear only once
  4. Shoes…I suggest four pairs: one comfort sneaker or boots, one that goes well with skirts, one classy comfy heel, one normal black heel. You will always have time to get that sparkly silver ballerina, with that nice purple pump that you wore for that party 4 years ago and that might look so cool…it doesn’t work, it’s not the right time for that.
  5. Make-up and beauty products: go basic and play safe. The best moisturiser you have, the simplest foundation, the mascara you cannot live without. All the things that make you feel good. Do not experiment in this sense, you need to feel a bit at home and be sure that no matter what mirror and lighting you will have, you will always look perfect.
  6. Take couple of your sports clothes and your trainers. You never know. that’s a difficult thing to replace, or let’s say it’s not the first you want to replace. So that 1kg in the luggage is totally worth it.
  7. Leave a tiny bit of space for couple of belongings that are totally useless but mean a lot to you. whether it will be a picture frame, or a little teddy bear… these are the things that make you smile, always.

Now just trust me: once you have these basics, you can just play and have fun discovering a new you. I have always been overly attentive to the way I looked, making sure that the combination of bag-shoes-clothes-scarf-coat-earrings was perfectly matching, but you know what? That was not what was making my look. I discovered how happier I am with less stuff. I just need what makes me feel good, self confident, sexy from time to time and at ease. Previously, I tried many times to renovate my wardrobe, but every time I felt trapped in what I already owned…the typical example was “I buy this shirt that goes well with that blazer and maybe those pants that I never wear…and…?”… nothing else! Guess what, I was always dressed in the same way.

Now I have to build up my new style…task that I LOVE! Being creative is something I am discovering again, experiment and go out of the comfort zone too.

I hope I inspired you a bit 🙂 and remember, make it playful and fun, don’t take easy things too serious 🙂

I am sure many of you went through the same process, I am curious to hear about you. So feel free to share 🙂