Diet versus Lifestyle

Diet, the word we hear, read and see daily, a miraculous cure or rather a terrible restrictive fix? For some of you it might sound like hope and guideline to help you achieve something. But for me, it is a very, very negative word that can have harmful consequences.

Personally speaking, diet indicates limitations, you can do this, but don’t do that, eat this, but not that and so on. It is a temporary change in eating and exercise habits, which is a total contradiction to what healthy approach should be like. For me, health is not about do’s and don’ts, for me it is about finding your own approach, what suits you the best, what works for you and what you can maintain consistently in the long-term. Plus, we all have different bodies and one size does not fit all! At the end, lifestyle should not make you feel like crap. That is why I talk about lifestyle.

Everyone’s lifestyle can be different, the improtant thing to realise is that whether you are vegan, vegetarian or you do eat meat, your „lifestyle“ should be a nutriotional path you will maintain over your lifetime. This does not mean, you will never restrict yourself, or the contrary, indulge in something. The oppossite. Healthy lifestyle is something that allows you to be flexible, allows you not to feel bad when you treat yourself  and does not make you restrict over long period of time. Restriction impacts our mind, it can lead to obsession, negative thoughts, depression and affect our social life. I know this from first hand, I have experienced eating disorder, I have restricted myself and I used to be obsessive. But, what I have learned is that lifestyle is a state of mind, it is a balance you create for yourself, you need to be ok to let go and allow yourself to be happy and flexible. It is ok to have the occassional piece of treat, your body will naturally tell you what to do- eat less during the next time, workout longer or it will just indicate it is ok. Life is about feelings, so let’s enjoy it.

Here are few points to reflect on:

  • One meal won’t make you fat just like one meal won’t make you skinny
  • Workout rather 2 times a week every week rather than 7 times a week and then stop, consistency is the key
  • Our bodies and minds are individual, we are our own people- what works for others, mind not work for you
  • Try and error is natural
  • Do not compare yourself. You are your own person, differences make us beautiful and interesting
  • Listen to your body, it knows what it needs the best
  • Happiness is not measured on the scale!