Working out

I am the best in finding excused not to work out! I said it, I do not like adimitting it, but it is true. So, 5 good reasons to keep ourselves motivated and some tips to make everything easier. Let’s get started!

  1. It generates happiness! It is about endorphins, we all know it, but is it so hard to admit that after a gym session we are happier, we feel less stressed and we smile more?! It is just the truth. Plus, do you often hear someone saying “I regret going to the gym yesterday”? Usually we hear the contrary.
  2. It makes you more proud of yourself; you set goals and you develop a plan to reach them. It’s a challenge with yourself.
  3. It is a challenge with yourself and helps you setting goals. Hence, it helps increasing your determination.
  4. It boosts your self-confidence, no matter what your body type is, you just feel better after a training.
  5. It allows to take some time for yourself, the famous “me time”. We are all busy, but taking some hours throughout the week to do things that help your body and your mind, is such a good investment; it pays back because you will feel better with yourself, hence with the others as well.

Tips to make working out easier:

  • Plan your workout sessions on Sundays or on your day off,  it helps to have a clear vision of the week ahead.
  • Do not set goals that are unreachable and not concrete, in particular at the beginning. You would feel discouraged in case you do not meet the expectations.
  • Think that even the busiest business men and women find time for some physical activity….why can’t you?!
  • Prepare your gym clothes or gym the night before, so you can’t find excuses in the morning.
  • Love what you are doing and remember that you are doing it for yourself.   

As you can see, none of the aspects I talk about has to do with muscles, weights and sweat! It’s all about the mind…which is always the first “muscle” to train 😉