The Carb Myth: Carbs will make you fat?

For the past 2 decades, were have all been brain washed with low-carb, high protein protagonists and vilifying carbs. Potatoes, pasta and rice will make you fat, right?! Well, I was the victim too, I thought carbs are not healthy and are the evil! Surprise that many of these “dieticians” are not healthy and even overweight. Wrong, you will get tired, loose energy, get anxious and your brain will not be feeling its best…

Carbs are life, they are fuel for our bodies and without them, we will not have energy to live, go through the day and move our body. I am talking about healthy carbs of course, not bad refined carbs including refined sugar. One of the best things on plant based diet is the energy, why? Because we eat loads of carbs as our main energy source, potatoes, rice, pasta, legumes and so on. They fuel us with essential carbohydrates, the energy source for our body, and fiber. It is the excess fat and animal protein without fiber that harms our health or weight goals, while carbs fuel our muscles. I am not going to get into carbs and weight loss that is whole another story and discussion, you can go on short-term carb restriction but what then? yoyo effect, loss of energy and more. It is important to know that we cannot live without them and once we let go, we will be much happier, healthier and less restrictive. 

A proof are those thousands of great plant based people around the world, who eat plenty of carbs, are lean and full of energy and live a healthy live. Sometimes, to make someone change a mind, we need to see something a bit more drastic. Look at Andrew Taylor, aka Spud Fit. He did a potato challenge for a whole year of 2016, eating only potatoes, since he found out they are the only food you can live off on its own, it provides all the essential nutrients. And what happened? He did not lack any vitamins, protein or minerals and. He lost weight, got rid of his addiction and depression and is now happier than ever. This challenge helped him to fight his food addiction, depression, anxiety, obesity and much more. See potatoes and other carbs won’t make you fat, it is what you put on it (cream, cheese, oil) that can harm us. So let carbs be your companion and enjoy them.

I wish we all realise that carbs are our friend, living a restrictive lifestyle is not a life, life is about feelings and abundance, and carbs allow us to feel positive, full of energy and enjoy our lives!

Here there are some suggested reading on the connection between food, especially carbs, and mind, including some common diseases such as anxiety, fatigue, cancer, alzheimer and more:

Enjoy the reading and I wish I inspired you in loving food, carbs and well balanced meals.