Food fact: different types of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is common and very appreciated spice, that is so good for our bodies and that has many benefits; I will quickly list some of them.

  • it has positive effects on blood sugar level, keeping it stable and avoiding the peaks;
  • it helps digestion and stomach problems;
  • it is antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral;
  • it is amazing for the immune system, hence as soon as you have a cold just put one teaspoon cinnamon in a cup, add a little pinch of ginger and add boiling water. It helps more than excepted;
  • it boosts your energy level. For those who suffer of low body temperature – that cause tiredness and fatigue – cinnamon is helpful to immediately feel better.

This are just few of the benefits that cinnamon provides, but it is important to see the difference between the main types of cinnamon that are present on the market. 4 are the varieties used for commercial purposes, decided on their provenience. Three of them are classified as the Cassia and only one is the true cinnamon, the Ceylon.

For what do they differ?

First thing first: both are available on market, however, Cassia is the one you find easily and more often, so please make an effort and find some spice shops and pay attention to the label.

Cassia comes mainly from Southern China, plus Eastern and Southern Asia. It has a dark brown-red colour, the sticks are a thicker and it has a  rougher texture than the Ceylon.  Cassia is lower quality, cheaper and has a stronger flavour.

Ceylon comes from Sri Lanka and Southern parts of India. It is less red, more gold-brownish. The flavour is less spicy, more delicate.

Why Ceylon is better than Cassia?

Because Cassia contains coumarin, which is a compound that taken in large doses can be harmful for liver and kidney. The amount of coumarin is Cassia cinnamon is approximately 1%, whereas in Ceylon 0.004%. This won’t be a problem if you just use a little bit of this spice not regularly, but if you use it on a daily basis and in great quantity, it is worth to look for the best quality products, that do not affect in a bad way you health and body.  

Go cinnamon shopping!



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