A weekend in Brighton

At the end of May a beautiful sun was shining over London and we decided to enjoy couple of warm and long summery days in Brighton, with the idea of going to the beach, relax and sunbathe. At the end it was cold and rainy, nevertheless we had such a good time there 🙂 

What did we do? We walked around a lot and we ate a lot! I went crazy when I found all the vegan and vegetarian places where to have lunch, have a snack or just chillax and enjoy some drinks. For this reason, I took notes and I want to share with you all the nice cafes and restaurants that we visited.

  • Breakfast at Iydea: cool young deli, where I had granola bowl and peanut butter toast. The environment is easy and friendly, they had vegan option, gluten free, several sweets and so much choice between salty breakkie. A detail that I liked about it: they were using Meridian crunchy peanut butter, whose only ingredient are peanuts, 100% natural, no added ingredients
  • Lunch at Sugardough: cute shabby chic cafè & pastry. I had avocado, toast, baked tomato and poached egg (I know it’s not vegan, but I don’t mind, sometimes I have eggs. At home I prefer organic ones). I never bake tomatoes because I simply forget about this option, but I do appreciate them so much, both in texture and taste, that I will definitely do it even at home. I loved this restaurant very much because they had cooking books on the tables, which was nice to go through and explore while waiting; I thought it was such a nice idea to make people feel even more comfortable, relaxed and to get some new inspiration.
  • Early dinner at Larder: my preferred one! A vegan deli, just perfect. Natural wood furniture, minimalistic but cozy, with a cute long table where you can sit and look outside.  I couldn’t decide what to order, and at the I had a beetroot and avocado toast with some delicate sauce. Highly recommended. They offer Buddha bowls that you can create and some smoothies. Do not leave Brighton without having at least a cappuccino there.

They great majority of cafes have vegan options  and many of them are extremely cute and cozy. If I had to describe Brighton in two words, I would say exactly that: it’s cute and really “homie”. It is the perfect getaway from the crazy London life and I would suggest it to you all 🙂

If you have other curiosities I will be more than happy to answer them 🙂


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