We will remember the day of our graduation as one of the most exciting, emotional, incredible day we have ever lived. We graduated on 24th of June 2017 in Luxury Management at International University of Monaco, after sixteen months of intense commitment, ten of which studying and the other six working. It was, for both of us, life changing, moreover it has been an adventure that we would suggest to any of you guys, willing to grow both professionally and personally.

IMG_4213.JPGDuring these months, after we finished the school and we were waiting for our graduation, we realized that  it’s not only about the studies, the exams and the grades…it’s about the people; then we learned that the same happens in the work environment. People make your days and can change your life in better.

Let’s go back to September 2015…Naty and I met during the welcome party of the University, we soon realized we weren’t too different…I think we were the only two not eating fries 😉 A nice friendship started immediately, as the first group projects…the trio Naty, Ari and Mahima was just essential friendship, and hard work. Mahima is our beloved friend, an extraordinary person that enjoys bier&burger while we talk about healthy food 😉

We often found ourselves spotting new recipes and talking about what to have for dinner and we both remember the tone of the voice of one of our friends when, during a break,  he said “Can you explain me why do you two always talk about healthy food?!?” We smiled, but the answer we didn’t give was that we wanted this blog so much, even if at that moment we didn’t know it yet 😉

Every classmate will remember our carrots as afternoon snack and Naty’s lessons on how to incorporate in every packet lunch proteins, carbs and nutrients. I remember my insane sugar cravings, that I don’t haver anymore…maybe the reason is that when you eat in a balanced way you don’t crave sugar any longer 😉

The Master has been our life for one year, we studied and worked a lot, but we also spent good hours checking Deliciously Ella’s app!

Now this beautiful experience has come to an end, that for us is the beginning of our careers in luxury, the starting point for a new project which is our blog. The Master was also a period of our life where we met amazing friends, some of them might be a bit far away, but this is not what matters, friendship doesn’t know borders.

We are extremely grateful for what we have done, the experiences we have lived and the unique feelings we have in our hearts. With sparkling eyes we suggest to all of you, reading this article, to embrace new adventures and open up your minds…and we wish you to find those magic people that we had the chance to meet, including ourselves.

With love,