5 Tips to Add More Veggies to Your Day

Veggies. Someone loves them, others hate them. Either way, we all have to eat them to maintain our health, to feel good and be energised. Today, we are sharing our top tips to facilitate eating veggies and to incorporate more of them in your day. Let’s bee honest, we can all benefit from eating them more.

  • Smoothies & Juices

There is nothing easier than to sneak some veggies into your smoothies or juices. You might not enjoy kale, broccoli and other veggies, but when mixed with fruits, you can easily enjoy it. You can hide the sour taste of veggies and feel like you are drinking a sweet dessert depending on the amount of fruit. So mix it and drink it.

  • Add a dip & dressing

Raw veggies with a delicious dip or dressing, this is a whole another game. Put a good dressing on your salad, and eat your raw veggies with dips like guacamole, hummus and other delicious variations. Try raw broccoli, sliced peppers, carrots, celery sticks or cauliflower with a dip and you will see how much you enjoy it.

  • Soups

Warm or cold, mixing vegetables with veggie broth, spices or diced tomatoes mixed with water add so much flavour. Being Czech and Slovak, soups are such a cultural thing for us. We are so used to eating soups before the main course or as a main. Soups are so versatile, you can add lentils, beans, potatoes, or create creamy soups, the choices are endless. This way you can be sure to mix more veggies than you would eat on its own.

  • Add spices

Spices are a great way to add more flavour and transform the whole meal. You can add them on raw veggies, but of course great way is to use them for baking or cooking. They make any dish more interesting, flavourful and many of them have great health benefits. We love curcuma, Italian herbs, smoked paprika and many more, basically any spice there is 😀

  • Eat what you like, not what you think you should

Choose the vegetables that you really love and enjoy. There is no point in pushing yourself to eat a kale or celery if you really don’t like it. Eating is a pleasure, cooking is fun, do not ruin this special moment bypreparing something you know you won’t like! 

We would like to add other two advices regarding veggies:

        Try to eat some veggies with every meal, or most of your meals, without excluding the afternoon snack…we spent so many afternoon breaks at school eating potatoes, they really satisfy any cravings (small potato, cut into it with fork or knife, put it in the microwave for app. 3 minutes), cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, even red peppers sometimes! It has always been very simple, why shouldn’t be easy for you as well….

       Finally, raw for lunch, cooked for dinner, in order to slightly change the taste and the appearance of the dish. You won’t get bored of green leaves and you will still enjoy a salad: simple, quick & fresh. Moreover it’s preferable to have cooked veggies for dinner: it is easier to digest, yet having a warm meal creates a relaxing moment, gets you ready for a good night sleep and helps you to enjoy your “me time”. 

We hope we  inspired future veggie eaters 🙂