Paris: Eating Out and Food Shopping Tips

Living or planning on visiting Paris? It might seem hard to find some restaurants that offer plant-based options. You need to search a bit more than in places like New York, LA or London, where the healthy wave has already exploded and you can find healthy, vegan spots on almost every corner. Paris might not be as developed in this sense, but there are new places that keep opening and when you really want, you can find some great restaurants and cafes. Here are suggestions that you need to know off to make your stay healthy and delicious.

Drink & Dine

For a bit more speedy dining, the bistro vibe, snack, breakfast or lunch, I suggest visiting the restaurant chains such as Exki or Cojean. These chains are spread around Paris in various areas and you can find organic meals that are ready to grab and go or enjoy eating in and siping on juice, smoothie or various teas. They both have vegetarian and vegan options, as well as warm meals prepared on the day.

For a more of a dining, restaurant, cafe experience, there are some really nice small restaurants: I really love Le Pain QuotidienJudy Paris, Season, Cafe Pinson or Cloud Cakes.  Le Pain Quotidien is a really rustic, cozy bakery with cafe/restaurant are. Even when you come alone, you can sit at a big table with other people and get to chat with someone. They  bake their own breads, baguettes and more and have delicious breakfasts, salads, lunch and brunches. They seasonally ad new option to the menu and provide vegetarian and vegan options.


Le Pain Quotidien

Judy Paris is a beautiful cafe on the left side of the river Seine (Rive Gauche), in the more French and residential are of the city. Plus, i tis right next to the beautiful park Jardin du Luxembourg, so you can be calm that you can walk off anything you indulge on. Season is a great place in the Marais area of Paris in the 3rd arr. It’s young, cool, and chic with great daily and brunch options. Let’s not forget Cafe Pinson, another cute little place with delicious meals…And when craving really some desserts and sweets, definitely visit Cloud Cakes, the vegan coffee shop that offers cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and even vegan croissants! Plus, they also have savoury options for breakfast, lunch and brunch, doesn’t it sound like heaven?

IMG_1860 2


IMG_2647 2

Judy take out, in Jardin du Luxembourg

Other places worth visiting are Gentle Gourment Cafe, 42 Degres and Bob’s Kitchen.

Shop healthy food

 You can find bio/organic section in most of the French supermarkets such as Carrefour, Monoprix, Auchan and Franprix. Nevertheless, for a more complete experience, there is Naturalia and Bio c‘ bon, supermartkets specialised in organic products and options for various diets. Moreover, Naturalia just opened Naturalia Vegan, a fully vegan supermarket!

Let us know if you are planning or have ever tried any of these places! What are your favourite spots in Paris?