Let’s create a Vision Board!

Vision board: pictures and words put together in a big (sort of) organised mess, that surprisingly makes sense. That’s a successful vision board to me: it has to surprise who is looking at it, even its creator, because the truth is, it’s a product of your subconsciousness mixed with a bit of creativity.

Why is it useful? Generally it helps to have a clear vision of a situation, it answers the need of picturing some ideas that are just in your head in a big mess and that need to be translated into something a bit more concrete and clear. It is also a great tool to find inspiration.  

You can create your vision boards or list on every topic that interests you, because, again, it’s a product of your mind and creativity, it doesn’t have to be rational, the purpose is actually the contrary: to take away the boundaries that your mind constantly puts up because we are used to think rationally. I’m not saying that being rational is bad or boring, it’s amazing, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use our creativity and irrationality anymore.

The idea is to have the objective in your mind, which might be finding inspiration about fashion, home deco, career, places to live…and the list can continue. It’s just an amazing tool to put down “black on white” all the dreams and plans you have in your mind. The final purpose is to translate what you are picturing into something real.

How does it work? First thing first, you decide the topic and you write down some notes about it, they might be resolutions, goals, plans. Then, you take some magazines, they don’t need to be all related to the topic you are analysing. You go through them and you cut all the images you like or find inspiring, that you see might make sense in your mind for your purpose. If you are not satisfied, go on the internet, Pinterest always helps, print out what you like the most. I would suggest to keep the words out of your mood board, or try to limit them, because actually they are not necessary, but if they help you to ‘categorize’ more or just to find more inspiration, feel free to use them.

Then, once you have like forty fifty pictures (trust me, you are gonna have even more), you put all of them on the table, in a organised disorder, and you give them the sense you want. After the selection, you glue them on a nice big paper, and remember, this is something you wanna hang on a wall, so make it pretty as you like it, you will see it everyday and it’s worth it to put an effort into it  in order to have something nice to look at.  

And there we go, you have your vision board!

Few tips for a successful vision board:

  • it’s for you, it has to make sense to you and not to the others
  • don’t worry to go too creative, it’s never too much, and you will be surprised of what your mind is able to create
  • don’t put limits, it’s not for a class and it will never be evaluated
  • put some ‘extra’ that is not in the plan…like a challenge…a far far objective. You will see it will become a concrete goal and reality one day

I think you are ready 🙂

…and remember ‘don’t pretend to be grown up and realistic. Be cheesy and kid sometimes’ (Alex Ikonn)