How a good Sunday can influence your week

Sundays (or any day off you have, according to your job), is the day when we relax, focus on ourselves, treat ourselves and plan the upcoming week. To us is a moment we cannot forget about…we will tell you why….

If not on Sunday, when?! This seems a simple question, but if the answer is never, it doesn’t help. There are some habits we have on Sundays that make our week better, more relaxed and make us feel GOOD!

  1. Start the day thinking that you don’t have to run anywhere! Just relax, avoid waking up with some tension. Take it slowly and easy…and smile to the beautiful day that you have for yourself!
  2. Sport: laziness doesn’t mean rest. Sport is one hour that we dedicate to ourselves, our body and, most importantly, our mind. Better in the morning, and then you have the entire day to enjoy you free time 🙂
  3. Treat yourself: spend time with a beloved one having breakfast, tea or lunch together. Share, talk, enjoy the little things as well as some quality time in good company.
  4. Little bit of planning, from tidying up a little bit (which doesn’t mean massive cleaning that kills you ;)), to prepare your meals for the week ahead. That’s a good way to not feel overwhelmed on Sunday evening, hating the rush of Monday morning. Moreover, when you start the week with a nice, cleaned home and with some lunch and dinners already made, everything gets immediately smoother, hence you are more positive.

These 4 tips can help everyone and don’t interfere with your plans, they just take a little bit of your free time! Try and tell us what do you think…and if you would add some other good habits 🙂

With Love,

Ari & Naty