The sticky notes to do list

We are such “to do list” people…we write lists, the  we write lists to do the lists…and so on 😉  joking, we seriously consider to do lists a basic tool to stay organized, to work efficiently and to avoid to waist time wondering around looking for the solutions to our problems. The solution can always be found throughout a plan: analysis, plan, action.

What we experienced are a lot of tools to stay organized…from boards, to apps, to notebooks, to excel sheets. At the end, what we find more successful and useful at the same time, are simple sticky notes. There are some reasons why, after many many trials, we can say they are the best solution ever:

  1. Sticky notes make you very efficient: you write just couple of words that remind you the most important things you have to remember about one topic, then your mind will be ready to develop the process automatically, it just needs the hint
  2. You stay focused on the essentials, since there is not so much space where to write. It’s a really basic concept.
  3. They give a lot of satisfaction once you achieve all your goals. Plus it’s very feasible, because again, you won’t write a 2 pages long list that will take much longer to be accomplished and in that case distraction and other factors can play a role
  4. You carry a sticky note with you everywhere, mainly to remind you all the time what is your to-do-list, hence not to get distracted by any other thing happening around you.
  5. They help you decide which are the priorities and build a structure for the day around that, without mixing different kinds of activities: you can have you sticky notes both at work and at home, they don’t need to be correlated.

So, let’s go sticky notes shopping 🙂

We are very curious to know what works best fro you and if you have some other tips on productivity.

Love, Ari & Naty