A Beautiful Person

Yesterday, at the park, I met a wonderful human being. She is Mimi Ikonn, an incredible woman that has been inspiring us, Naty and Ari, for the past two years. She was walking and she took the time to stop and chat a bit with me; Lidia Ikonn took a picture of us and that’s how now I have a beautiful memory.

If you don’t know Mimi and her husband Alex, check them out, they have two amazing YouTube channels and Instagram pages. There have several businesses, all very interesting, from Dreamers and Creators, to LuxyHair and Intelligent Change. I honestly think that I appreciate what they are doing because there is a lot of their personality in all what they create.

Mimi has a blog too, where she talks about fashion and lifestyle in a very “down to earth” way, that’s what I love. She has the power to share with the followers her positivity and gratefulness in a very spontaneous way, never too much, always real and true to herself. It’s hard to describe in few words the activity of a person like Mimi, so the only thing I can suggest is to be curious and listen to what she says in her videos and read a bit what she writes 🙂

Finally, I decided to introduce Mimi and Alex to you because I learnt a lot from them and I like to share these positive people and great source of inspiration. Hence, if you want a bit more information, here you find the links of their main pages:

Mimi Ikonn’s pages:

Mimi Ikonn YouTube channelMimi Ikonn Instagram profileMimi Ikonn blog, The Bingo Theory, book by Mimi Ikonn

Alex Ikonn’s pages: 

Alex Ikonn YouTube channelAlex Ikonn Instagram profile


With Love, 


P.s. Some months ago I wrote a post about one of Mimi and Alex’s products, the Five Minute Journal; I still use it on a daily basis, still love it and I think it can be very useful for everyone. Here the link of the post: Feeling stressed and down: Add a Journal to your life)