Tips for normal people to start an awesome 2018!

Welcome to 2018! The first day of the year is the best moment to press the RE-START button: we all have resolutions, good intentions, dreams, plans, challenges to face…now it’s the right time to start with small things. Because let’s be honest, the first day of the year might be full of high expectations, thinking that we can wake up energetic, go here and there, do all the fun activities we love…and then, at 1pm we still have to figure out our day! Hence, here are a few tips to take the heavy resolutions in an easier way and to start with a smile this year 🙂 

  • Chapter resolutions: have you thought about them? I am sure. Did you write them down? Maybe. So, take pen and paper and write the FIRST 10 things that come to your mind, no big thoughts, no heaviness, no 2 hours commitment, if it’s spontaneous it takes 10 minutes. Just put all black on white and hang it on your kitchen, where you keep the cookies….yes, that sugar that you want to limit in 2018!


  • Chapter gratefulness: I am sure during these holidays you have pictured yourself being more grateful for everything you have, for the people and love that surrounds you… yes, awesome. Now, please get up and go give a kiss to your significant other, to your mum or dad, to your dog or cat…or to the screen of your computer if all your beloved ones are somewhere else. And say thank you to Skype and FaceTime, no one ever appreciates what these two do for us 😉


  • Chapter diet: you might be hangover, in this case you might need to handle it by yourself. If yesterday night you were not completely waisted, today you must be absolutely fine, so you can make yourself a juice with some fruit and veggies (no excuses, you have this stuff in your fridge). See, so you can say that you started the year eating clean.


  • Chapter exercise: most gyms are closed on 1st of Jan, there is no way you can go and exercise now…unless you are determined enough to play some YouTube videos and exercise at home, you might postpone your activity to tomorrow…the day after tomorrow….and then be too busy to start. So, get up, put some clothes on and go for a walk. When you come back at home, stop for 5 minutes of stretching: take some deep breaths, stretch your arms, back and legs. You will see that you will feel good!


  • Chapter job: there is for sure something you want to change, improve; you might want to show you can do more, to get a better position and pay. Well, guess what, we all think the same, we all have the same issue. No drama for today, you are not the only one, take it easy because on the 1st of Jan your boss is not gonna give any interesting answer and no recruiters are gonna spend the day interviewing. Leave your LinkedIn page and do something else.


  • Chapter reading: the only useful tip is the following: open a book and start reading. Unfortunately the book doesn’t open itself, so you need a bit of commitment. The solution, now that you have read this article, is to close your computer or phone, take the book that you have been planning to read for the whole holiday time, open it and start. You might read one page or hundred, what matters is to that little time that you are dedicating to yourself.

As you can see, each tip refers to a big chapter of everyone’s resolutions. But there is no way to play big and achieve massive results if you don’t start small. The key is starting. Each small thing and achievement will make you smile…why not doing it today? Beginning the year like that is already a huge achievement!