Welcome to The Natariland! We are Arianna and Natalia. Two friends, Arianna from Italy and Natalia from Prague, who bonded at university in Monaco over endless conversations about the world, relationships and of course healthy and mostly plant-based food!

We adopted plant-based style, Natalia 100% and Arianna 80%, because it makes us feel the best, allows us to eat a lot and yet be healthy. Plus, it has helped us with our past health issues and we just believe it is the most responsible and the least restrictive way of nourishing your body. We want to share recipes that are easy to make,require minimum ingredients, because being students in the past and working now, we cannot spend hours in the kitchen every day, even thought we love it. We love meals that are easy to pack into lunch boxes, freeze or just take for your travels, trips and more. We also have a pretty sweet tooth and experimenting with plant-based desserts is so much fun!

Living in different countries, yet sharing tons of food inspirations a day and having never-ending conversations made us realise that we have a true passion and a word or two to say. For now, we are based in London, Arianna, and Paris,Natalia,  but who knows where “adulting” and work take us next.

We hope to inspire others to nourish their bodies and minds through healthy food, to develop healthy relationships, and open some more conversations that young adults, adults and anyone go through. Enjoy! 🙂